Mental Spaces

Architectural Design in a Story

Architecture & Film - Sergej Eisenstein’s Glass House

Inspired by the paper movie of Sergej Eisenstein ‘The Glass House’ create 20 images of a space that visualizes your interpretation of the reading. You are encouraged to explore the idea of transparency in its multiple meaning as well as to develop your own thoughts and approach to the thematic by picking one interesting aspect and unfold it into the main feature of your design.

Now on further elaboration of these images develop the ‘spaces’ in between them: imagine the actual space that exists between these images as well as the time/movement that takes place between the images.

The last step would be to create a story based on the space that you have created, which will act as the protagonist in your story by being visible and an integral part in every image. Now the sequence of your 20 images (which will be different ones than the first 20 images that you have submitted) will be put together and create a story-board.
Your story-board should be coherent and have a plot and an ending, you can use text (thoughts, talking); also think about light and shadow, background, position and angle of the camera, focus, depth of space, framing, composition, etc.

Basel Tachali

Allam Bassant
Allam Mehra
Jodie Tabbakh
Rashi Siroya
Alireza Yarmahmoudi

Karl Abi Karam
Denis Li
Chiragh Bhati
Ali Abu

Farah Sabobeh
Sally Michael
Hisham Kaakani