This area showcases selected students’ work at the American University in Dubai (AUD) / School of Architecture, Art & Design  created under the supervision of Tala Vaziri as Associate of Professor of Architecture and Interior Design.

A large body of my research work has a strong focus on aspects and modalities of the phenomenon of visual perception in relation to concepts of modernity, transparency and new urban and social structures that have been associated with modalities of visual perception. In my work I conceive the modern era as a time that has been associated with various levels and kinds of visuality since its inception, from the discovery of the perspective drawing to various ‘visual instruments’ and to the invention of photography and filmic creations. All these and more are considered forms of visuality and transparency which are in constant dialectic relation to the modern human and its spatial habitat in different scales, which again redefines structures of various kinds of visuality.

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Architecture and film both share the art of joining material, space, time and realms. In both, architecture and film, the storyboard/script dictates the structure of time and spatial events.  Erwin Panofsky refers to film as the ‘dynamization of space and the spatialization of time’.