Symbiotic House

Studies of Connectedness and Sustainability

Studio VI / 3rd year

Inspired by Ben van Berkel’s Moebius House, this design project explores possibilities of a symbiotic spatial relationship between two residential projects, connected by a common work space, sharing both equally all aspects of the site, such as orientation, maximum height, space division and circulation. The two houses develop a symbiotic relationship to each other, in terms of space in terms of all aspects of sustainability such as energy consumption. The designer works with the additional requirement to occupy the he same height for both houses, as well as to grant each of the two residential spaces accessibility to all the four directions of the site.


A kaleidoscopic fusion of the landscape and the house
The intertwining trajectory of the loop relates to the 24-hour living and working cycle of the family.

As the loop inverts, the exterior concrete shell transforms into interior furniture and the glass facades become internal partitions.
The design of the Möbius House is a direct response to the request to shape this family home around the daily lives of its occupants. Responding to the flows of their working and family lives, while integrating the surrounding natural landscape, were paramount design concerns from the outset and ultimately resulted in a highly bespoke family home. 

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