Short Films

poster by Tala Vaziri Student Projects 01 Two – by Karl Abi Karam, Denis Li, Chiragh Bhatia, Ali Abu Haliga 02 Null – by Farah Sabobeh, Hisham, Sally Michael, Bushra Shakhsheer, Sara Noran 03 Irregular Euphoria – by Raghdan Abu Hassan 04 A Dog’s Ride – by Tala Vaziri 05 LeJeu – by Tala Vaziri […]

Mental Spaces

Architectural Design in a Story Architecture & Film – Sergej Eisenstein’s Glass House Inspired by the paper movie of Sergej Eisenstein ‘The Glass House’ create 20 images of a space that visualizes your interpretation of the reading. You are encouraged to explore the idea of transparency in its multiple meaning as well as to develop […]